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Hidden Foods Co Heart Healthy Vegetables

Have no fear—we’re here for you! Our pastas and sauces are packed with ingredients most kids--and some adults--won’t eat (if they knew they were eating them).  From spinach to cauliflower, tofu to peas—we pack the protein, fiber, and vitamins into every bite so you can feel confident your family is getting some good nutrition with their hidden foods meals.


Hidden Foods Co _Picky eater

Not a problem!.  Our pastas and sauces have been tried and tested on picky eaters from toddlers to adults!  These gourmet sauces are not only filled with a garden of healthy vegetables that are undetectable in taste but also seasoned with Italian herbs and spices that only nonna could perfect!


Young Boy

We agree it's better to teach your kids to appreciate the vegetables and educate them on what they're eating.  However, sometimes they still don't want it.  In the meantime, our great tasting pastas and sauces are loaded with hidden vegetables, vitamins, and protein for those kids that refuse to eat the healthy stuff!  No need to feel guilty when you know you're giving them their daily dose of greens!

Amazing flavors without the "health food" taste!

Let's face it... delicious food isn't always healthy, and healthy food doesn’t always taste great. However, in our kitchen, we refuse sacrifice one for the other. Our goal is that Hidden Foods become your "want to" not your "have to".  And after you taste these gourmet flavors, we believe they will be!


Their Sauce vs. Our Sauce.....

Marinara sauce is full of tomatoes, which are naturally healthy.  Yet so many sauces out there use that as an excuse to say they offer a "full serving of vegetables."  When we say we've added extra vegetables, we mean they are the main ingredients! Marinara with pureed kidney beans and beetsAlfredo with cauliflower and tofu? We know that might not sound appetizing to all (especially if you knew how much was in there!). However, we've pushed the veggies just to the point that they are undetectable to our consumerwhile  adding a significant amount of nutrition.  We are very intentional about making sure we include all of the major vitamin groups for our families.  We consider this their multivitamin for the day.  

Food for YOU!

From fitness and culinary experts to kids and seniors, our foods have been deemed "the go-to" for packing in the protein, fiber, and vitamins that our bodies need to grow, strengthen, and heal.  If you need to sneak more of the good stuff into your diet (or someone else's) without compromising on taste, give us a try!

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Typically, delicious food doesn’t always sound healthy; and healthy food doesn’t always taste great. However, in our kitchen, we don’t sacrifice one for the other. We teach our kids to appreciate good food with great flavors while receiving all the health benefits of whole, value based nutrients.  We're here to help you do the same.

Hidden Foods Co penne pasta


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