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Algio olio sauce (for 1/2 lb pasta)

4-6 cloves garlic, chopped

1/4 cup olive oil

1 tsp garlic salt

2 Tbs Hidden Foods Protein Butter

2 Tbs Grated Parmesan cheese


Place garlic and olive oil in a small frying pan on medium heat.  Cook until garlic just barely starts to turn golden.  Turn off heat. Add butter and garlic salt. Stir or swirl around pan until butter is melted.  Add to pasta and toss with parmesan cheese. 

Pasta with Broccoli (& Sausage)

1/2 lb Hidden Foods pasta—linguini, spaghetti, penne, rigatoni, etc

Algio Olio Sauce (see recipe)

4 cups broccoli (steamed with garlic salt and pepper)

2-3 Italian Sausages Cooked and sliced


Prepare algi olio sauce, set aside.  Prepare pasta—do not rinse after cooking.  Mix all ingredients together.


Breaded Ravioli with Hidden Foods Marinara


Fiber Filled Vegetable Ravioli

Italian Bread Crumbs

1 Egg, beaten


Thaw and cook Raviolis for 2 mins.  Remove from water immediately and drain.  Place on a paper towel until cool to touch.  Prepare two bowls, one with beaten egg, one with breadcrumbs.  Dip raviolis one at a time into the egg mixture, then in the breadcrumb mixture.  Lay out on foil lined baking sheet or prepare air fryer.  Cook at 400F for 4 mins, then flip raviolis and cook 4 more mins or until golden.


Serve with warmed Hidden Foods Marinara sauce.

Hidden Foods Tuscan Lasagne

1 Jar Hidden Foods Ragu (or marinara for the vegetarian option)

Parmesan Cheese

Bechamel Sauce (see below for recipe)

Lasagne Noodles (either dehydrated or cooked and drained)

Prepare Bechamel Sauce and cook noodles (if necessary).

To make lasagne:

Pre-heat oven to 375 degrees F. Grease an 8x13in baking pan. Spread 2-3 spoonfuls of bechamel sauce on the bottom.  Cover with one layer of lasagne sheets.  Spread 3/4 cup of Ragu sauce over sheets.  Sprinkle 3/4 cup parmesan cheese on sauce.  Repeat 3-4 times starting by drizzling the bechamel sauce over the previous layer of parmesan cheese.  Top final layer with all remaining cheese, adding more if needed to fully cover.

Bake for 45-50 mins until lasagne is bubbling. 

Béchamel Sauce:

3 Cups Milk (warmed)

4 Tbs butter

4 Tbs Flour

Using a wisk, combine and butter and flour in a sauce pan, continuously stirring until golden and all flour has "cooked out" (about 3 mins).  Add warm milk and continue to stir.  Bring to a boil and simmer for 2-3 mins.


Rigatoni Zingara 


1 lb Hidden Foods Rigatoni (or other pasta of your choice)

1 Jar Hidden Foods Alfredo with Cauliflower

1 cup frozen peas

3 strips of bacon, crumbled

Boil water in a pot to prepare Rigatoni. Cook pasta until aldente. Drain pasta and set aside.

In a separate large frying pan, heat up Alfredo sauce.  Once boiling, add peas and bacon.  Continue to stir until peas are heated through.

Combine Rigatoni and sauce.  Serve hot.

What did you make with Hidden Foods Sauces?  We'd love to hear so let us know here!

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